Finding a legal way to send your hard-earned money home has now become easier and safer. You can find many financial providers to send money from Europe to Nepal. Some of the financial providers that I personally use are Wise, Revolut, and TapTap Send.

There can be questions like which provider has the best conversion rate, which takes the lowest transfer costs, which one is the best and such. Let me tell you that every financial provider has their own conversion rates, therefore the end amount that we send to Nepal differs with each provider. I do agree that those rates might not always have vast differences but one might want to choose the best provider that saves them the costs like conversion costs, transfer costs, and such that are separately added by these providers for providing their services.

To solve this hassle, I have created this comparator application to cater to the ones who want to minimize the struggle of comparing rates, time taken, additional costs, and much more. 

This application compares the conversion rates of Euro to NPR with three different financial providers Wise, TapTap Send, and Revolut (for now). It displays which provider offers you the best final rate, also including all the additional costs of these providers, saving you your valuable time.

Now Let’s see how to use this simple and easy application.

Here we can see an example for €1000.

Compare Euro to the Nepalese Rupees

The example shows the converted rates of €1000 into NPR by the three providers as per their rates. You can put the amount of your choice that you want to send in the box to see the final rates.

The green box with the award icon displays the best provider with the best rate (rates differ with every minute as per the provider, so please remember to press the refresh button from time to time). In this example, TapTap Send has the highest rate of Rs. 142,500 so it is advised to use this provider to send money to Nepal for the very day. Rs. 142,500 is the ultimate amount that you receive in your bank in Nepal. 

The “Send Now” button here takes you automatically to the provider’s application on your device that you will choose to send your money through. If you do not have an account for any of these providers, this button will take you to the app store so that you can install it.

Comparator application:

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