If you’re looking for a more affordable and eco-friendly energy provider, then you might want to consider Ostrom. As someone who recently switched to them, I have to say that I’ve been quite happy with their services. Not only have they helped me save money on my electricity bills, but they’ve also made me feel good about supporting a company that’s committed to reducing its carbon footprint.

I had been with my previous energy provider for a while and I wasn’t too happy with their pricing or the quality of their services. Also they didn’t had any English language support. So, I decided to look around and see if there were better options out there. That’s when I came across Ostrom – and I have to say that I was impressed with what I saw.

Unlike other providers like Vattenfall, Ostrom is an electricity provider that operates on a unique pricing model where the cost of electricity is not fixed for a year, but instead changes according to the price of electricity in the mid-market. This approach means that customers pay different rates based on the prevailing market conditions. If the cost of electricity in the mid-market is low, Ostrom passes on those savings to their customers by charging them less for their electricity consumption. This pricing strategy provides greater transparency to customers and helps them better manage their energy costs, particularly during times of fluctuating energy prices. Ostrom’s flexible pricing model is an innovative approach to pricing electricity that benefits both the provider and the customer.

Their pricing was definitely more affordable than what I was paying before, and I liked that they were using renewable energy sources like wind and solar power. So, I decided to make the switch, and I’m really glad that I did. Their customer service has been great, and I haven’t had any issues with my electricity since switching to them. They have an app which is also available in English language and their support staffs also speaks English, which was really important for me as an expat in Germany.

And now, with my personal coupon code, you can get €35 off your first bill when you sign up with Ostrom. I will also get the same amount as referral bonus. It’s a great way to start saving money on your electricity bills and to support a company that’s committed to sustainability.

So, if you’re thinking about switching to a more affordable and eco-friendly energy provider, I highly recommend giving Ostrom a try. Use my personal coupon code to get started, and start enjoying the benefits of renewable energy today.

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Use my Ostrom Referral code: MILAAC3YKG

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